Prayer Requests

I hope to keep a regular update of prayer requests for me and my team throughout this journey. If you have anything that I can be praying for you as well please leave a comment or send me an email at I would love to be praying for you!


  • Support raising–I have to have $4,000 by May 1 to go on the trip. I currently only have $2,000. Please pray that God will move peoples’ hearts to give! I can’t convince people to give; God convinces people. If you would like to donate, please follow this link (just click “give as guest”):
  • That I would have the courage to take risks while abroad. We have nothing to lose since Christ has already gotten the victory! Pray that I keep this at the forefront of my mind.
  • That I will not be afraid to be bold in my relationships and prayers.
  • The people in London. Pray that God will be working and moving in their lives before we get there.


  • Support Raising–I still need a fair amount of money to make this trip possible.
  • My supporters and all I have sent letters to–that God will bless their families and move their hearts throughout this process as well.
  • The people that we will encounter in London–that God will start working in their hearts before we get there and that people will be placed into their lives after we leave that can continue to encourage them in their faith.
  • (on an unrelated note to CCP) I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday, so prayers that the healing process will be smooth and without problems.
  • My team & myself–that they are having success in their support raising and that they will continue to desire and trust in the Lord throughout the process.
  • Krissy–this lady is a missionary through the IMB (International Missions Board) that we will be working with in London. She is responsible for training many other missionaries throughout London. We recently sent her a list of our hobbies and interests so that she can begin to brainstorm ways for us to encounter students with similar interests. Pray for her and her ministry in London and her preparations for our arrival in approximately 62 days (crazy!!!).